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Healthcare Is a Right Not a Privilege!

The United States is the only industrial nation on Earth not to offer its citizens free and universal health care.

I am supporting Bernie Sanders Medicare For All plan. Medicare for All is more than 50% cheaper than our current private health care. It covers full Hospital visits, Doctors visits, Vison, Dental, Hearing and all other medical treatments. No one should go bankrupted over healthcare.

The Earth Can’t Wait!

I fully support the AOCs Green New Deal!

We need to tackle the climate crisis so that our children and grandchildren will have a clean and healthy planet to inhabit. Not only will the Green New Deal help protect against the ever intensifying climate and storms, it will also create millions of new cleaner and safer well paying Jobs.

The Fires are getting bigger and longer. The Snow events are getting more severe and affecting places as southern as Texas. Once in a century Hurricanes are becoming yearly events. Tornados are becoming bigger and more wide spread. It will only get worse unless we act now!

Time For a Living Wage!

I am supporting $15 an hour tied to inflation. No adult working 40 hours a week should have to struggle to pay their bills. A living wage is a right. Any business that can’t sustain its self by paying its employees a living wage is a business that shouldn’t exist in the United States.

Crippling Debt Shouldn’t Be the Price For Education!

I want to guarantee every person in the United States the option to attend for year public university free of charge. Education is the best way to escape poverty. We should strive for a population of educated young adults who can move us forward. Ability to pay shouldn’t be a factor.

Repeal Citizens United

Citizens United destroyed our democracy by allowing corporations to buy or politicians by spending unlimited amounts of money on campaigns.

Lobbying is just legal bribery and needs to be highly regulated so that the rich can’t just buy congress.

Votes should decide policy not wallets.

End Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression.

The most important part of a democracy is the right to vote. Gerrymandering is a problem all across the nation. It’s time to require independent election commissions draw districts and not politicians. Votes should choice their representatives not the other way around.

The GOP lead effort to suppress the vote must be stopped by passing the John Louis Voting Rights Act. We must have a national standard, must allow universal voter registration. Must have universal vote by mail. Lets save our democracy!

Lets End The 2 Party System!

First Past The Post is terrible for democracy as it only allows for 2 viable parties. Ranked Choice voting allows for voters to rank candidates from most to least favorable. This way people can vote their preference without splitting the vote.

Stop The Carnage!

I support reinstating the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Universal Background check and mental health checks to buy a gun.

Children shouldn’t fear being killed in school!

Addiction Is An Illness Not A Crime.

The federal government should have no part in criminalizing drugs. It’s time for the Federal government to Legalize Marijuana and decriminalize all other drugs.

All persons convicted of non violent drug offences should be set free and their records expunged. The war on Drugs was a racist policy and its time to right the wrong!

Constitutional Amendment to Term Limit Congress!

Text: Section 1- No person shall serve more than three, four year terms in the house, with each house term starting two years after the election of the president, nor shall any person serve more than two, six year senate terms, nor shall anyone serve more than twelve years in the legislature of the united states.

Section 2- No person having retired or being voted out of congress shall before a time of ten years having passed, accept any corporate job, and no person formerly a legislator in the united states house or senate, shall be allowed to participate in lobbying the federal government of the united states

section 3- The first term shall be counted in the house after the first election after the ratification of this amendment, and the first senate term shall be counted as the current term when this amendment is ratified.

Section 4- Congress shall have the authority to enforce section 2 of this amendment through appropriate legislation.

Congress shouldn’t be a life time career.

Also we should increase the house terms to 4 years being elected on midterm years so that they aren’t always forcused on relection.

Tax The Super Wealthy!

I will fight for a MINIMUM tax rate of 50% for every dollar over $10 Million and a MAXIMUM tax rate of 70%

I Support Mandatory Vaccinations

Vaccines have cured Humanity of dozens of deadly diseases. Lets add covid19 to the list.

I will support making US abortion laws equal to Germany’s.

Legal Abortions, Birth Control, Financial and Medical freedom, and Education have made abortions drop to an all time low. For that reason I will support enshrining both the right choice and the right to medical freedom for women in to law.

An Easier Path To Citizenship.

We are a nation of Immigrants and those who wish to come to this nation should have an easy and legal way to do so.

Whether its due to work, or school, or fleeing oppression or violence. They should be able to call America home.

Universal Pre-K and Daycare!

Childcare and early education should be a right. Families who require 2 incomes to make ends meet

LGBT Rights are Human Rights!

I will try to get LGBT civil rights enshrined into law, via a civil rights act of 2023.


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